BDC in partnership with SwitchMed’s signs agreement to Develop the “National Green Network” Funded By EU.

The Business Development Center (BDC) signed a cooperation agreement with the Jordanian Green Building Council, to develop the National Green Network as a part of the Support National Partnership-SNP-within the pillars of the “Green Entrepreneurship in Jordan” program in partnership with Switchmed’s initiative and SCP/RAC. civil society association, investors, consultants, entrepreneurs, environmental activists, and all categories of stakeholders that are concerned with contributing to create an enabling environment in the eco system for green and blue entrepreneurship in Jordan by providing an interactive participatory environment between members and society through a specialized online platform, which will be the first of its kind in Jordan.

The National Green Network is an online platform that offers the opportunity to track  the green entrepreneurial projects ,the various environmental studies, and several different activities, such as investment pitch deck events for entrepreneurs, which provide opportunities for networking and marketing the products and services, in addition, the members of the network exert all the efforts to discuss potential opportunities to support the green entrepreneurs who works in environmental, Eco-friendly projects such as recycling, renewable energies, waste management ,aquaponics, cosmetics and other green classified sectors.

 The program, through which it provide the opportunity to train and empower more than 120 entrepreneurs in the field of green entrepreneurship, aims to develop skills and practical applications of how to create and develop green environment-friendly services and products, also to help entrepreneurs to transform ideas into sustainable projects to be successful influential stories applied on the ground.

The General Manager of the Business Development Center, Ghaleb Hijazi, said that the European Union funding and our Fruitful partnership with SwitchMed’s initiative, headquartered in Spain, came in an important time regarding the necessity to support young Jordanian entrepreneurs to create environmentally friendly, productive projects that generate income and create job opportunities that commensurate with the requirements of the Jordanian labor market. This partnership is in the same direction with most of the sustainable development goals and national strategies, whether for agriculture or youth, and is also in line with the most important scope of the Business Development Center interests, which is combating unemployment and integrating young people into the labor market across the kingdom’s governorates, in terms of employment or self-employment.