Women Engagement, Leadership and Gender Equality

Women Engagement, Leadership, and Gender Equality is at the heart of BDC’s mission, vision, and goals. In alignment with SDGs 4, 5, 8 and 10, BDC believes in women’s socio-economic empowerment as a key driver to achieve gender equality and foster sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Since 2004, BDC is tackling barriers and stigmas facing women both in the workplace and in society, such as lack of access to decent work, occupational segregation, and restrictive social norms. With tailored and gender-sensitive vocational trainings in non-traditional professions, through entrepreneurship packages for business incubation and acceleration, as well as providing career counseling and mentorship support, BDC equips women with the right tools to enter the labour market, shape their own future and lead positive changes in their communities. While advocacy for women’s rights is a cross-cutting theme within BDC’s portfolio, BDC has also developed multiple programmes specifically designed for women, and tailored to their specific needs.

Key Projects

EU-Madad: Strengthening access to protection, participation, and services for women refugees, IDPs, and host communities

Technical and Vocational Training in the Camps

Operationalize a Business Incubator

Support to Women-Led CBOs for Modeling Social Enterprises

Vocational Entrepreneurship for Women

Gender Sensitization in the workplace

Bina’ Building Livelihoods


Young ladies & women trained
Of women beneficiaries in all BDC project
Women employed
Women created their own businesses

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