Empowering Local Communities & CBOs

BDC works in all Jordanian governorates, targeting poverty pockets and hard-to-reach areas to foster local economic development, enhance local communities’ livelihoods and generate durable employability and entrepreneurship solutions for their members. Over the years, we have built community-led empowerment and development models by working closely with local stakeholders such as Community-Based Organisations (CBOs), Civil-Society Organisations (CSOs) and municipalities. After a participatory consultation process and needs assessments, we provide our partners with targeted capacity-building trainings, and thereby contribute to improving the services they offer to their communities. In response to the economic impact of Covid-19, we have been scaling-up our support towards CBOs as a solution model for economic recovery, leveraging livelihood opportunities. We are supporting 30 local CBOs and over 14,000 families from remote areas of Jordan, to sustain and enhance their income-generating activities, through direct financial support, and the provision of equipment and raw material.

Key Projects

Promoting access to income and employment for vulnerable population in the Governorates of Karak,Tafilah, Ma’an and Aqaba through the increase of employment opportunities and the improvement of the vocational training offer
Supporting Women-Led CBOs for Modeling Social Enterprises
Capacity Building and Technical Support to Community Based Organizations (CBOs)
Emergency Economic Response for COvid-19 Pandemic – AZM Project


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Outreached CBOs
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