Improving livelihoods: Skills for Employment

Improving livelihoods : Employment & Entrepreneurship

BDC’s identity lies in its unique Skills for employment programmes, specifically towards youth, women, and refugees. In alignment with SDGs 4, 8, 10, and 17, BDC is committed to foster employment and employability amongst vulnerable communities in the Kingdom, as a direct pathway towards achieving sustainable and inclusive socio-economic growth. Since 2004, BDC is tackling the drivers of unemployment by providing market-driven and needs-based educational training pathways, leading to sustainable work opportunities. We believe in the effectiveness of on-the-job learning for employment, and rely on our long-lasting partnerships with the private sector – gathering over 1,000 employers – to effectively link our graduates with hiring companies. We target non-traditional professions to foster long-term positive changes of mindsets, behaviours and perceptions, with regards to women’s employability and engagement with the private sector particularly. Over the years, BDC has supported more than 141,000 youth, women and Syrian refugees in entering the labour market, becoming leaders in their communities and fostering sustainable growth.