Project Name : Boost with Facebook phase two

  • Meta

The program aimed to introduce and raise awareness among SMEs on the variety of tools and products available on Meta platforms “Facebook, Instagram and whatsapp business” to build up an online presence and grow. Aim to train 1,000 SMBs through 50 training course each course 10 hr distributed over three days  on the following content: developing financial statements, online sales techniques and marketing strategies, labeling and packaging, promoting and selling products and services online, customer relationship, export strategy, market analysis and developing new digital tools to establish B2B or B2C businesses based on best practices.

The program consists of two tracks, beginner and advanced.

  • Beginners Level: (500 SMBs)

At this level, we want to introduce SMBs to the benefits of Facebook and Instagram platforms in

their business and this includes:

  1. Learn how to build your business’s online presence with a Facebook Business Page and find out about the free Facebook tools to jumpstart your business online.
  2. Learn how to craft Business Page Posts that inform, entertain, wow and engage to drive business results and keep your customers wanting more.
  3. A step-by-step guide on how to get started with Instagram for your business. Learn how to craft and share your business’s unique story with interested customers
  4. Want to better understand your customers? With Facebook Page Insights, you’re one click away from understanding who your customers are, how they interact with your page; and which posts drive the most engagement.
  5. Let’s take the next step to grow your business on Instagram! Learn how to use Instagram ads to expand your reach to find new customers and sell your products and services.
  6. How to Build an Effective Advertising Strategy
  7. Identify Facebook Tools to Drive Your Business
  8. Learn How to Create Facebook Ads
  • Advanced Level: (500 SMBs)

This Level will tackle Professional experienced individuals in the field of digital marketing with

average and above experience in Facebook Paid Campaigns, the advanced level covers the

following Topics:

  1. Find New Customers Using Instagram
  2. How to Build an Effective Advertising Strategy
  3. Identify Facebook Tools to Drive Your Business
  4. Learn How to Create Facebook Ads
  5. Ads Manager, The Ultimate Time and Money Saver
  6. Build Your Audience Using Facebook Pixel
  7. Understand Your Facebook Advertising Results
  8. Use WhatsApp to Grow Your Business

The best 30 SMBs based on mentorship selection criteria will get two mentorship sessions for hands-on support and follow-up on the practical use of the learnings, tools and materials acquired during the training session.

  • Beginners -Newly established SMBs:
  1. 0-5 years of experience
  2. From 2-25 employees
  3. Less than 1 million yearly turnover
  4. Level of maturity
  • Advanced – Export ready SMEs:
  1. 5+ years of experience
  2. From 26 to 50 employees
  3. Advance level of business management, financial and marketing structure
  4. Level of maturity

N.B: We will aim to select 50% of women participants and 75%business owners.

Mentorship selection criteria.

  • SMBs across jordan and all industries