International Recognitions

BDC has a strong international presence and excellent participation in Europe, the US, Canada, and the Gulf region including implementing vocational, employment and entrepreneurship programs for both public and private Sector of Oman, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. BDC also has partnership in Egypt, Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon, and Palestine. BDC programs transcend Jordan’s borders through engaging in:


BDC implemented the largest Entrepreneurship Program in Saudi Arabia for 1,000 Saudi entrepreneur funded by (Saudi credit and savings bank).


BDC has been recognized by the Global Entrepreneurship Week five times for its work with Entrepreneurs and BDC was awarded 1st place for 5 years as the organization with the best Youth and Entrepreneurship programs.


BDC graduates of Empretec Program over the following years (2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2018 and 2020) won Best Woman Entrepreneur in Global Business Awards organised by UNCTAD and held in Geneva, Switzerland.


BDC is part of El Hiwar initiative for ``Youth, Civil society and socio-economic needs: new avenues for Euro-Arab cooperation”


BDC is selected and recognized by ETF for its best practices in terms of BDC’s Entrepreneurship Programs.


BDC is an observer on the Board of the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development-UNCTAD.


BDC is an internationally certified center by the International Training Center/Geneva (ITC)/UNCTAD and has received recognition from multiple international organizations.


BDC’s Maharat Program has also been labelled by the UfM to reach across the Mediterranean under the name of Maharat MED including in Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Palestine, with Jordanian trainers.


BDC is a local and regional partner with the ILO in implementing the entrepreneurship Education Program in 44 vocational schools and 6 academic schools and 12 community colleges.


BDC implemented Youth exchange and scholarships in the United States with Thunderbird University as well as with the UK and Dubai.


BDC is selected and recognized by ETF for its best practices in terms of BDC’s Women Empowerment Programs.


BDC is selected and recognized by ETF for its best practices in terms of BDC’s Youth Programs.


BDC launched Oasis 500 by designing the boot camps and selecting 100 beneficiaries and success stories for one-year incubation at BDC premises to guide them through the consolidation and growth phase to assist entrepreneurs with a number of training programs to enable them develop business plans and explore the entrepreneurship potentials in them.


BDC was selected as the regional facilitation arm in the MENA region for the “Toolbox Project”, which is an integral part of the YouMatch Global Initiative on Innovative Employment Services for Youth, labelled under the UfM Flagship initiative Med4Jobs. BDC facilitated the development of the working groups and innovative projects through distance consultation, face-to-face shaping of the development process and coaching member groups in finalizing their project ideas for the Innovative Open Fund for Employment Services (IOFES).