Project Name : Tariqi Program – Get into

  • King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD)
  • Strategic partnership with the Prince Charles Foundation (PTI),

As one of the King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD) projects over the past six years, the Tariqi project, launched in 2015, is being implemented this year in cooperation with the BDC, and in partnership with the Prince Charles Foundation (PTI), according to a BDC statement.
The Tariqi project aims to raise the employability of Jordanian youth and increase their competitiveness to enter the labor market through training programs aimed at providing them with life, interpersonal, functional and technical skills, alongside as practical training.

  • Young people Eligibility criteria:
  1.  Young people of the following age:
    Non-University Graduates: 18- 27 Years.
    University Graduates: 21 – 27 Years
  2. Young people with qualifications between primary school and University graduate are all eligabile, however there will be target groups dependent on the sector.
  3. Young people not currently in regular education.
  4.  Young people with one of the following employment status:
    No job
    Job but part time
    Job but not secure for the next 12 month and not happy to stay in job for next 12 month.
  5. Young people that have an aspiration and intent to work (ready and excited for full-time job in the sector)
  6.  Young people must be only Jordanian Nationals and have a National ID .
  1. Amman Governorates as well as From Surrounding Governorates such As
  2. Al Zarqa
  3. Al Balqa
  4. Madaba
  5. And other  Governorates subject to implementation availability