Project Name : job search club ``اسع``

  •  ILO & Unicef
  • MoY “ministry of youth”

The job search club aim to activate and engage youth in job search activities in order to enable them to find a suitable job within the shortest period by fostering supporting network of individuals who share the same needs whilst receiving intensive coaching on job search related skills.

Job Clubs are two-week intensive job search support activities. Two facilitators assist a group of up to 16 young job seekers to find their way back into the labor market. Job Clubs have proven successful in many countries in Europe, in Canada, the US, Argentina and Central Asian countries, but are not yet widely known in North African and Arab states. Job Clubs use a specific methodology that activates and engages youth in job search activities during the Club, coaches them to reach out to the hidden job market and creates a support group and network that fosters successful job hunting.

This Manual for Job Club Facilitators is the product of a series of workshops, pilot tests, feedback sessions and revisions, in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports, NGOs, and CAPSCU, the training center at the Cairo University Faculty of Engineering.

The Job Club method was first conceived as a behaviourally oriented, client-responsible model of job search and placement by Nathan H. Azrin in 1975.

The method is based on two main hypotheses:

(1) That job seekers can function independently and effectively in their own job search.

(2) That finding employment is in itself a full-time job, which is easier done with a group of people.

The Job Club methodology has since been updated to include more recent job search strategies, incorporating the latest information and communication technologies (ICT) and other innovations such as social media mechanisms in job finding. The latest revised version of a Job Club, was developed in 2014.

The club members meet daily for 2 weeks (10 days)
Each club member receives follow up for 3 months after the club

Each club is supported by 2 trained facilitators at a time

Each club is formed by a group of up to 16 young job seekers/members

  1. Job-seekers who lack adequate job search skills or the ability to market themselves to employers.
  2. Long-term (one-year) unemployed individuals.
  3. Individuals facing specific challenges to enter the labour market.
  4. 300 Jordanian, Syrian refugees and non-Jordanian youth aged between 18 and 26 years’ old.
  • All Jordanian Governorates including the Syrian refugees camps”.