Niveen Madi the First Butcher in Jordan Finds its Way at the Professional Work through Azem Project Implemented by BDC and funded by UNICEF Jordan From Butcher Assistant to Owner of Butchery

My journey started by following my dream in having my own business. The beginning was in finding a job to cover the financial needs within the difficult social and living conditions being with a small family consist of two children in small rented apartment and a mother that is suffering from several chronic diseases.

I started my first job as exhibitions employee at grocery section at one of the huge commercial company for one year, after that, I moved to a food companies as production worker at the packing department, unfortunately; due to Implications of corona pandemic, the company sadly stopped its business and I Lost my job, the only financial resource for my family

I never gave up, I continued searching for a job opportunity to secure the financial income, while keeping on my eye the dream of becoming a business owner as the first butchery owned by female in the kingdom.

This dream came true through the Azem Project “Economic Support to create opportunities to be self-employed” funded by the United Nation Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and managed by the Business Development Center BDC.

 I submitted an application to get benefit from Azem Project to start my own project, through the provided training programs, I was equipped with the needed soft and technical skills that is needed to succeed in starting my own butchery business at Jabal Tareq Area/AL-Zarqaa governorate. Following the steps, I learnt in the program, I started with finding a suitable location that fits the nature of my business.

The support of Azem project was beyond the capacity building and entrepreneurial skills, the project supported me with the whole equipment and tools to establish my own Butchery which become now my main income source. Also, for marketing the project and obtaining better sales. Utilizing on my previous relationships; I was able to form a network of customers applying the knowledge and skills I obtained in the project’s marketing training program offered by the BDC. In addition to the managing the customer relationships and dealing with customers training provided in which all enhanced my social and economic position.

Niveen added; Despite all the social and market challenges I faced for being a female butchery as a nontraditional career for females, I never was hesitant to reach my dream or consider these social norms. By pursuing and passion to reach my goal, I have started my own business. Of course I had people who supported me and the Azem project made my dream comes true and instill in a lot of hope.

Today I am thinking to become a trainer for other females at the same field to help them to break cultural barriers Its correct that this profession is sort of strenuous but its full of joy and benefit. After a while I am also ambitious to enlarge my business and increase the delivery to home service.