Graduation of Tariqi’s students in its sixth session and holding a career fair for graduates


Tariqi project, one of the projects of the King Abdullah II Fund for Development, which is being implemented in cooperation with the Business Development Center – BDC and in a strategic partnership with Prince Charles Foundation PTI, held a job fair and a graduation ceremony for students of the project in its sixth session who completed the training phase within the insurance, communication and information technology sectors.

During the ceremony, which was attended by the Director of the Employability Raising Program at the King Abdullah II Fund for Development, Dr. Laith Al-Atoum, The general manager of the Business Development Center Ghaleb Hijazi, and a number of representatives of supporting companies in various sectors, certificates were handed over to the graduates of the project who were connected with private sector companies for training purposes. Employment, in addition to the opening of the job fair, which includes many private companies in various sectors, in order to connect them with graduates directly and open the way for them to see the employment opportunities available within the specific sectors.

Tariqi project, which was launched in 2015, is considered one of the solutions that increase the employment opportunities for young people by studying sectoral needs and involving the private sector in determining them. Graduates undergo a comprehensive training program that includes life skills training and includes several different aspects: team building, leadership, communication skills, time management, problem-solving, work ethics, curriculum vitae, and interviews, in addition to technical training for each sector, with the presence of selected experienced trainers in each of those sectors to ensure that Jordanian youth are qualified for the work environment and provide them with the skills needed by the market in these sectors (communication and information technology, retail, insurance, telecommunications customer service, and other sectors).

The project is also based on integrating the private sector and identifying the real needs of the labor market and providing the opportunity for companies to obtain qualified and trained youth through direct connection and job days, which helps to shorten time and effort and ensures the speed of their involvement in work and increases productivity.

The project has provided (257) employment opportunities since it started, in addition to training (573) beneficiaries on life and technical skills in the different sectors and connecting them with employment opportunities. The project also contributed to reducing the turnover rate through counseling and follow-up sessions after employment. As the indicators showed 30% of the Beneficials got promotion shortly.

The representatives of the companies praised the active role of the project in supporting and qualifying our Jordanian youth to compete in the labor market and develop the necessary skills that qualify them to occupy jobs within the private sector that support the project.

The representative of Estarta for Technological Solutions, Mr. Mohamed Chakkakwa, expressed the importance of cooperation with the Business Development Center, to qualify and train young people and raise their capabilities and practical skills to enter the labor market. Estarta trained and employed a number of graduates in youth programs implemented by the business development center in the ICT sector.

Tariq Al-Asadi, one of Tariqi graduates in the insurance sector, said during his participation gained many skills and abilities to enter the labor market, and during his practical training, he was able to obtain an employment opportunity, as he is currently working for the Arabian Gulf Insurance Company GIG.

Moataz Al-Bakri, one of Tariqi  graduates in the ICT sector, expressed the importance of the project in reshaping his talents and practical capabilities through the training program in the information technology sector, and it played a major role in integrating him into the labor market.

During the ceremony, a number of memoranda of understanding were signed between BDC and a group of companies in the private sector, with the aim of supporting youth programs, attracting youth and recent graduates, and integrating them into the labor market.

Ghaleb Hijazi, Business Development Center, General manager, praised the stages that the participant in the project goes through, starting from the basis of selection on an ambitious program system, training and ending with training and employment within the work, indicating that it is one of the most appropriate ways for our Jordanian youth to integrate into the labor market, in addition, the specialization in Specific sectors open opportunities for our youth and contribute to reducing unemployment rates, expressing his pride in partnering with the King Abdullah II Fund for Development and the private sector to implement the project.

Director of the Employability Raising Program at the King Abdullah II Fund for Development, Dr. Laith Al-Otoum, ensured that the project aims to increase and develop the competitive advantage of Jordanian youth to enter the labor market, and to provide them with technical skills in different sectors all the way to provide employment opportunities, Pointing out Holding job fairs for the project graduates to provide more employment opportunities and connecting them with companies. Finally, he expressed his thanks to the partners’ companies for the successful implementation of the project.