Business development center and Meta are helping the Jordanian economy through Boost with Facebook program.

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At the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic and the long lockdowns, businesses around the globe were struggling to face it as it was something totally different and new and businesses didn’t take it into consideration when they built their business model.

The business development center management team has shown a fast reaction to COVID-19 impact reflecting a well understanding of business models and methodologies and future vision for what needed to be done to face the pandemic in the better possible way.

BDC’s reaction was faster than most of the other businesses around the globe which allowed them to work out the most important areas that BDC needs to focus on along with their partners to help Jordanian SMBs which will end up in the Jordanian economy.

BDC along with Meta after a deep study of what SMBs need introduces the first-of-kind project Boost with Facebook in 2020. Boost with facebook program aiming to help the SMBs and entrepreneurs to understand the E-marketing concepts in a way better way and how to implement those concepts on Meta platforms tools.

Boost with Facebook training material focused on multiple factors and divided into two tracks to ensure the highest impact on the participants. META and BDC started the project with phase one as a pilot phase aiming to train 1000 SMBS across all the sectors along with preparing trainers by giving them TOT training on the training material as the training material was designed for Jordanian market and based on Jordanian SMBs needs.

In phase one BDC and Meta trained 1000 SMBs and kept in touch with them before and after the training to measure the training impact through multiple factors such as sales, brand awareness, and other important factors.

Mr. Theab al Saghtit one of Boost with Facebook program beneficiaries said: “I participated recently in Boost with Facebook training course executed by BDC, Due to my work conditions in customized furniture, I do have a Facebook page to market my work through it, I have built a number of marketing campaign on it previously and I needed to spend a huge amount of money to reach accepted results but after the training, I understood why and how to use every single part of Facebook ad manager and how to come up with the best recipe of options on Facebook ad manager to reach the targeted audience. After the training and having deep marketing knowledge, I started defining the goal of the campaign and target audience then building the campaigns with the right artwork and messages as these two factors play a big part in campaign success and it differs from country to another and from target audience to another. It was obvious to me through sales and brand awareness how the training helped me. I would highly suggest this program to all the businesses around the globe as E-marketing now is the best marketing tool to reach more people with low spend.”

Mss. Anood another beneficiary said: “I improved my digital marketing skills hugely through Boost with the facebook program and helped me to implement and run my marketing campaign in a better way by excluding the mistakes used to happen through understanding the marketing concepts and the tactics shared with us in the training. By the end of the day, I am now able to reach more customers and attract them with lease spend.”

Based on Phase one amazing results either objective or subjective, Meta and BDC decided to launch phase two in Jordan and take into consideration the needs SMBs have shown in phase one like what do they need to do or consider to be ready to export their products to the other countries.

Phase two started last December and aimed to train another 1000 SMBs on the new tactics of E-marketing to reach the biggest potential customer segment with the least amount of spend. The equation of spending and reaching is a direct relation for most of the marketers where they spend more to reach more but recent studies showed that businesses can reach more customers with the same spend or less if they follow the e-marketing concepts and Meta latest tactics.