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Established in 2004, the Business Development Center (BDC) is a non-profit organization committed to fostering economic development and public reform in Jordan and the Middle East. As a national and regional resource, BDC has been on the forefront of various successful multi-million dollar projects and works with a business ecosystem of potential contributors and participants such as: business service providers, government entities, universities and international partners to continue its mission of delivering effective development programming.


Our Objectives

In its endeavor to facilitate economic growth and to overcome development challenges BDC is committed to:

  • Promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Creating employment opportunities and building individual capacities for youth, women and professionals.
  • Managing, promoting and stimulating the creation of public-private partnerships.
  • Enhancing the competitiveness, sustainability and export capabilities of SMEs.
  • Fostering financial linkages between SMEs and financial resources.
  • Designing and managing programs for development and donor agencies.
  • Developing mutually beneficial relationships with international universities through exchange and international programs.
  • Encouraging social responsibility and community involvement.


How We Succeeded

Since its inception, BDC has drawn strength from its many achievements and recognizes that even more can be accomplished. Through its various and significant endeavors, BDC intends to amplify its drive to pursue sustainable economic development.

Cementing its role as a facilitator for positive growth, BDC continues therefore to be a source of inspiration for all its beneficiaries who want to improve their quality of life. In its ongoing quest therefore to help push development programs to new arenas and levels of impact, BDC will: diversify its funding sources, provide new business development services and use its past and current successes as leverage to attract new partners or donors and thrive over the long term.



The BDC team is comprised of various top-tier professional Jordanian members expert in a variety of economic and developmental fields. The cumulative experience available at BDC, in both the public and private sector, allows for a comprehensive delivery of targeted support to different entities and individuals. Through its professional capabilities and effective management BDC has been able to successfully and rapidly respond to the needs of Jordanian entrepreneurs, women, youth and practitioner trainers.

Concerted efforts on the part of BDC have directly contributed to the increased competitiveness and economic prosperity of many Jordanians. BDC continues to expand its vision and maintain its position as a recognized leader and provider of professional excellence.