Train of Trainers

BDCís Training-of-Trainers (TOT) program provides practitioners with up-to-date adult learning techniques and methodologies that concentrate on the learner and on the proper facilitation of knowledge and experience exchange and sharing. The knowledge and know-how learnt is then transferred to BDCís various beneficiaries who, as a result of the training are able to witness a change in mindsets and attitudes and a shift towards more constructive and positively enabling behaviors and attitudes. 

Over the years, BDC has successfully built the capacities of many trainers and created a roster of more than 280 professional Jordanian trainers from various fields. The extensive number of trainers has in turn made BDC Jordanís focal provider of market driven practitioner trainers. Out of the total 280 trainers trained, 160 of them are females and as a consequence of the training obtained were empowered with the opportunity to shift career paths and start new ones in the realm of training and capacity building. Furthermore, and in sync with BDCís drive to empower women the female trainers also received special capacity building and mentorship training in the U.S. 

BDC also prides itself in being the pioneer and the exclusive certifying training center in "Dialogue Education" which is a methodology involving the use of several key steps that utilize dialogue with participants versus monologue in order to create a more participatory environment conducive to participant interaction and knowledge and experience exchange. 

The TOT development programs are based on customized curriculums and modules. Trainers however may adapt them slightly by adding their own impetus based on their experience and expertise. Case studies are used for specific programs in order to effectively deliver the desired knowledge and the curriculum follows a holistic approach while also being impact driven. On completion of the TOT training, BDC trainers undergo a coaching phase where they shadow master trainers and witness their sessions in action. The trainer then delivers an actual session and is assessed accordingly.



Training Curriculum

In all TOT programs, the following two curriculum's are used:

  1. Trainers Handbook: A comprehensive guideline for the trainer which provides training outlines developed by BDC in collaboration with Professor Steven Wright from the New York Institute of Technology University. The guidelines ensure the application of a unified curriculum for all BDC training programs.

  2. Trainee's Handbook: Provides training content that tackles knowledge, skills and attitudes through a structured program that includes important life and workplace skills for trainees such as positive thinking, emotional intelligence, business ethics, communication skills, presentation skills, team building, and many more. The content is presented in a dialogue education approach based on the emphasis of interaction and exchange of experiences.

Impact Assessment

The training and motivational development programs are designed to have an impact at different levels, including the individual level (e.g. change in youth skill sets gained) and at the professional level (e.g. achieve professional development which can be reflected in job performance in future jobs). BDCís Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) activities and tools are put in place to track the progress and sustainability of these changes during the program and the BDC trainers and experts can examine participantsí skill levels during the training, identify the causes of performance gaps and then select the most effective method of intervention to rectify the situation.

Our trainers are also trained on how to conduct the following international tests (adapted to fit the Jordanian community) including: IQ, Personality, Work Ethics, Behavioral, Group Discussion, Role Playing, Computer and English tests.

The TOT Cycle

1.      Four coaching sessions will be assigned to participants after the TOT session, followed by an assessment.  The process of including trainers amongst BDCís pool of trainers will be achieved upon succeeding in the TOT cycle.


Completing the TOT program is the first phase, while the second one is the coaching phase (at least 4 sessions) where the representatives will be provided with an opportunity to observe sessions delivered by master trainers in order to get the Ďreal feelí of the program. The third phase is concerned with developing the training material as a practitioner based on an outline BDC provides. The fourth and final phase will include an assessment session to certify the participants in joining BDCís proficient pool of trainers.