UNICEF-funded project “Azm” provides self-employment services and job opportunities for young women in Ma’an governorate

The Azm project, managed by the Business Development Center-BDC and funded by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), in cooperation with the Ministry of Social Development, organized an information session in the Al-Jafr area, Ma’an governorate, for girls from 18 to 24 to inform them about self-employment services and opportunities provided as part of the project.

The session was held to encourage girls to start their own projects – according to community needs – in order to create employment opportunities for them and for their community members.

UNICEF-funded Azm project provides a comprehensive range of services, from the provision of indirect financial grants through the procurement of equipment and tools, to training opportunities to build women capacities on technical and financial project management as well as e-marketing. In addition, Azm provides follow-up support through linking the projects with local markets and providing project owners with technical expertise and counseling according to the nature of each project. To date, 100 young females with entrepreneurial ideas have applied to benefit from Azm project.

Dr. Amjad Al-Jazi, Director of the Social Development Directorate in Ma'an Governorate, indicated that this session fell under the vision of the Ministry of Social Development to support girls in implementing their own projects with the aim to alleviate poverty and reduce unemployment rates in the region, highlighting the continuous cooperation and joint efforts of the Ministry and the Business Development Center (BDC) in doing so. Dr. Amjad Al-Jazi thanked BDC and UNICEF for their efforts in offering programs that contribute to achieving local development and providing job opportunities for girls in poverty-pocket areas of Jordan, such as Al-Jafr.

The Director of the Shabbat (Female youth) Al-Jafr Center, Ms. Maniyah Abu Tayyah, expressed her appreciation to BDC, UNICEF and the Ministry of Social Development for their efforts in encouraging girls to start their own projects to provide them with employment opportunities.

The women-led projects were launched under the ‘Azm’ project for emergency economic support to communities that were most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, which is implemented by the Business Development Center - BDC and funded by the United Nations Children’s Fund – UNICEF. The project involves both a short and long-term intervention. The short-term intervention aims to create temporary job opportunities for young females with an immediate impact on their livelihoods and on the livelihoods of their community through the creation of productive projects addressing pressing community needs as a result of Covid-19 (e.g cheese, dairy, bread production and free delivery). The second intervention focuses on creating sustainable productive projects within community-based organizations (CBOs) to create permanent job opportunities for young females and generate permanent additional income for the CBOs by addressing unanswered community needs. The project also supports women with pioneer and innovative ideas to launch or scale-up their projects through providing them with the needed tools and equipment as well as advisory, technical and marketing services to ensure the success, continuity and sustainability of their projects.