Under the patronage of H.E The Minister of Labor and H.E Mayor of Amman, BDC launched Heart of Amman 2 program signing ceremony of financial grants

The signing ceremony comes as the next step after choosing youth to  join the entrepreneurship track of the program, in which the participants present their  projects ideas which  are evaluated by specialized committees of the program partners to select the best projects to  provide them with financial , legal and technical guidance according to the nature of each project to be implemented in the areas of central Amman, participants became able to open their own projects after joining the advanced entrepreneurship program implemented by Business Development Center- BDC, it focuses on behavior, pioneering qualities, practical and scientific techniques studied and presented by experts who have long experience in entrepreneurship to ensure the progress of work and the sustainability of the implemented projects. Heart of Amman 2 program has selected 27 participants to receive financial grants to help them start their own projects, which contributes to creating job opportunities for youth in the area and contributes to local development through the implementation of development projects.


Heart of Amman Program 2, implemented by the United Nations Development Program -UNDP, and Business Development Center BDC, in partnership with the Greater Amman Municipality and the National Microfinance Bank and with the support of the Government of Japan, aims to improve livelihoods in the central Amman region and targeting young people from 18-40 years who are out of school and looking for job opportunities.

In addition to the entrepreneurship track, the program provides a second track for on the job vocational training for employment, the training focus on life and practical skills that facilitate the entry of young people into the labor market, prepare them for interviews, and network them with available job opportunities in the industrial, commercial and service sectors, also several job fairs have been organized  in cooperation with the Chambers of Industry and Commerce to network youth with potential job opportunities, the importance of practical training is focused on motivating young people for vocational jobs and not sticking to the traditional pattern towards choosing traditional specializations that have become limited and do not cover the number of graduates against the  needs of the labor market. The program has provided 420 job opportunities within 33 companies in the fields of services and industry, in addition to administrative opportunities, and conducting specialized job fairs.

Also the Business Development Center- BDC, in partnership with the United Nations Development Program -UNDP, and in cooperation with the Greater Amman Municipality, has enrolled participants in a number of training programs to prepare them to become community leaders and implement community initiatives that help them engage in their communities and provide services to the community through these initiatives, such as "Feed w Estafeed" initiative. Which aims to collect clothes and sell them in minimum prices, and then use the profits  to help students who are unable to pay school or university fees in their communities, while  Amman Products Map initiative aims to  increase families  income and thus livelihood improvement, also Explore Amman initiative had a great impact on marketing the heritage, ancient families, archaeological areas, and the stories owned by these areas for local and foreign tourists of downtown Amman area, in addition to several other initiatives in which Jordanian youth participated within the Heart of Amman Program 2.

Saif Osama Muhammad Hammouda, one of the beneficiaries of financial grants within Heart of Amman 2 program, he has a great passion to have his own restaurant to provide different products, such as offering potato in several different and untraditional ways, through HoA II projects and the entrepreneurship training I was able to reform and expand my idea while the community leaders training made me eager and persistent to achieve my goal Osama said.

Nael Musa Muhammad Attia, one of Heart of Amman 2 beneficiaries said , I did not have a chance to complete my  education , but I moved to work in one of the Jordanian companies within a profession of designing and restructuring  signs , but due to Corona pandemic, work was stopped completely and I did not find any job opportunity, later on Feb 2021, I joined Heart of Amman 2 program  and went through the  entire journey of the project , which increased my ability to make decisions, determination, and teamwork, these skills increased my willingness to start the  Cultural Garden initiative,  and because of the experience I have in this field and the knowledge I have gained  through Entrepreneurship technology training and the extensive study that was applied on the ground during the training, I decided to establish my own project for designing and installing signs, through this business I will have the ability to provide about another 5 job opportunities.

While the CEO of the Business Development Center, Nayef Stetieh, said, We are proud of our partnership with the United Nations Development Program UNDP, the Greater Amman Municipality and the National Microfinance Bank, and we thank the Japanese government for the generous grant to the Jordanian people. Heart of Amman 2 came to enhance our contribution to the development of Jordanian youth in Central Amman area through training and qualifying young leaders who provide services to their communities, and Entrepreneurship training for self-employment and to start new businesses , and today we celebrate a group of our Jordanian youth who worked hard and got the real opportunity with a generous grant to start their way towards building sustainable projects that reduce unemployment rates, help create job opportunities and constitute a main source of income for them and their family, all thanks to Heart of Amman 2 participants and to everyone who contributed successfully in supporting the Jordanian youth

H.E Mr. Yousef Al Shamali affirmed that the Ministry of Labor appreciates all efforts made in the field of training and employment of youth to engage them in the labor market after providing them with the necessary skills and urging them to think of nontraditional ways, so they not reach a dead end which deprives them from building their future.

Al-Shamali expressed his appreciation for the efforts of the Business Development Center, the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Greater Amman Municipality in implementing "Heart of Amman Program 2" which aims to improve the economic, social and sustainable livelihoods of youth in the central Amman region, by supporting their entrepreneurial projects.

He urged the youth participating in the program to transfer this positive energy and their successful experiences to others to encourage them to implement their own projects that provide them with financial income to enable them to live a decent life for themselves and their families. 

Al-Shamali pointed out that the Ministry of Labor has programs for employment and training, and invited youth to benefit from the arms of the Ministry of Labor through the training programs provided by the Vocational Training Corporation, the financing programs provided by the Development and Employment Fund, and the services provided by the Professional and Technical Skills Development Authority.

He stressed the need to unify efforts in partnership with the private sector in training, employment and networking between employers and job seekers to reduce unemployment rates.