The Minister of Environment sponsors the signing ceremony of Agreements between Business Development center -BDC and Civil Society Organizations, to i

With the aim of stimulating green entrepreneurship and creating opportunities for self-employment, the Minister of Environment sponsored the signing of cooperation agreements between the Business Development Center -BDC and civil society organizations in implementing the "Green Entrepreneurship in Jordan" program, SwitchMed's Mediterranean Basin Initiative, funded by the European Commission and the Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Production and Consumption SCP/RAC, and funded by the European Union, through which it provides an opportunity to train 120 entrepreneurs in the field of green entrepreneurship, with the aim of self-employment.


This Green Program comes to align the national implementation plan for green growth (2021-2025) that the Ministry of Environment and the World Institute for Green Growth has developed with the aim of supporting the national economy and obtaining sustainable development sectors that can deal flexibly with negative phenomena such as climate change and the negative effects caused by emergency phenomena such as the Covid-19 pandemic. It contributes to the gradual transformation towards an environmentally sustainable green economy aimed at achieving sustainable economic development and reducing poverty and unemployment.


The program targets young people at the 18 to 40 age group who have ideas or pioneering projects that provide environmentally friendly and / or green services or goods that help in optimizing the use of natural resources for conservation and transition to an environmental economy. The training program includes practical skills and applications on how to create and develop green services and products through an online platform equipped to help them turn ideas into sustainable projects into success stories to be applied on the ground. Whereas selected pioneers from various governorates of the Kingdom will be trained by coaches and specialized experts in the field of green leadership through specialized trainers qualified by Switchmed. The Business Development Center -BDC also provides an opportunity for participants to engage with the business system to provide follow-up mentoring services, enterprise incubators, and entrepreneurial events that provide opportunities for networking, marketing products and services, and enterprise development in innovative environmental sectors.







Business Development Center -BDC grants the participants the opportunity to participate in the program in collaboration with civil society organizations. Participants are tested by filling an online application on the platform managed by SwitchMed's Mediterranean Basin Initiative, funded by the European Commission and the Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Production and Consumption. It includes the idea of the green project as well as the work and professional experience in this field and encourages applications from across the Kingdom, in collaboration with civil society organizations and some Universities for their important role in stimulating youth entrepreneurship and youth employment.


The Minister of Environment, Nabil Al-Masarwa, stated that "Achieving comprehensive and sustainable development requires taking the economic, social and environmental aspects in an integrated and harmonious manner so as to achieve social welfare while preserving the elements of the environment and to ensure the preservation of natural resources for future generations. This scientific approach was adopted by the Ministry of Environment in formulating its strategic plans, in response to the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah ibn Al-Hussein, may God protect him, in order to achieve sustainable development, despite the great challenges facing Jordan ", and today we provide support to all institutions that contribute and help stimulate the environmental economy.


Meanwhile, Nayef Stetit, CEO of the Business Development Center -BDC, expressed his proudness of the partnership between the public and private sectors that aims to implement strategic plans and programs that stimulate the investment environment and the green economy, which contributes to alleviating the economic challenges facing Jordan, especially with the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, referring to the Cooperation with the Mediterranean Basin Initiative, SwitchMed's Funded by the European Commission and the Regional Activity Center for Sustainable Production and Consumption and funding from the European Union in transferring expertise, especially in the Green Environment Businesses which is in the priorities agenda of strategic plans worldwide.