Community Service Center is the first of its kind in Deir Alla Initiated by BDC in partnership with the EuroMed Feminist Initiative (EFI)

The Business Development Center-BDC, in partnership with the European Union-funded EFI, and in collaboration with the Youth Valley Charity Association, has established a community service center in Deir Alla, run by women, offering full services for all types of Home maintenance, marketing and photography.

This event is part of the project "promoting access to protection, participation and services for refugee women, displaced women and host communities in Jordan." Funded by the European Union through the European Union’s Regional Credit Fund to respond to the Syrian crisis, the “EU Madad Fund,” and by implementing the coalition with EFI and the BDC.

The implemented Madad Project in Al Azraq Refugee Camp, Al Azraq, Jerash, Ajloun, Deir Alla and East Amman aims to empower refugee women in the host communities with better skills and knowledge to meet the needs of the labor market and to raise the possibility of employing women through vocational training and some job skills and hence link women to jobs by providing a large number of vacancies in major companies and factories willing to hire as well as providing legal advice on workers' rights and sensitizing communities to the right of women to work and to ensure financial independence and career guidance through specialists; they direct women to appropriate occupations and businesses according to their skills and experience taking into account their circumstances and areas of residence. All of this contributes to the enabling environment for improving women's employment and their career development and improvement of support services for women in the labor market.

The community center which was created has had a significant impact on supporting women by opening the way for them to learn careers and acquire skills that provide employment opportunities for women and thus improve their standard of living and play their role in society. In addition to providing home maintenance services by  ladies for  housewives to help them feel safe and confident to get service at any time without the need for the head of household.

In an interview with a female beneficiary, Fatma Khader Darwish, one of the Syrians, said "All thanks are given to the BDC, the EFI and the Madad Project to allow me to participate in life skills training and the training of Home maintenance “Plumbing, painting, electricity", which I loved and decided to mend in the region of Deir Alla. They have not only trained and acquired the profession but have supported me by opening my own project.

Rahma Jamil al-Shati, one of the Jordanian beneficiaries, added, "The program has allowed me to participate in an integrated package of training programs, starting with life skills, then marketing, sales, packaging, with my team following me, I have got training in photography and event management. All the intensive training we have undergone, adding fun, effort and fatigue, culminated in the opening of a community service center for household maintenance, photography and event management, and I thank the management of the BDC, the Madad Project and the EFI.


Ms. Insaf Da’as said, "We as a women's initiative always seek to activate and stimulate the role of women in the community by creating employment and self-employment opportunities for them. The idea was to establish a community service center to make the most of the benefits of the Madad Project, the vocational training programs offered by the project to them by household maintenance, photography and other services. The center will be a meeting place for women, where they will receive the services of qualified women and will provide a range of tools and equipment that women need to provide services to the local community. The main objective is to achieve sustainability of providing services and thus access to different sources for these ladies".


In turn, Nayef Z.Stetieh, CEO of BDC has expressed that he is proud of civil society and local community associations for their efforts, including The Youth Valley Association, which strives to make its role work by offering all support for community members to implement sustainable initiatives that alleviate poverty and unemployment and to promote the role of women in society. He also thanked the EU’s partners and funding through the EU’s regional credit fund to respond to the Syrian crisis, the “Madad Fund,” and the implementation of the coalition of the EFI, underscoring the role of the partnership between the public sector and civil-society institutions in providing all the support needed to spur domestic and economic development.