Career shift and exceptional success - Abeer - Jordan

I used to work in wool knitting and sewing, and the work was seasonal and unbenefitable till I reached the point that I suffered from plenty of debts and loans accumulation. Moreover, and because of my heavy responsibility towards four children, I thought of establishing a project to improve our living conditions, which encouraged me to participate in the project (Madad) run by The Business Development Center BDC. Quoted by 35-year-old Abeer.

She continues: changing the type of work was not easy, especially that I did not have any experience in any other field. However, attending some courses gave me new skills which let me know how to develop myself and how to plan for the future; as now I have obvious and great ambition.


Abeer finished her training and immediately started studying the market, which helped her with opening a butchery project in Abu Alanda region. As well as, she bought meat and livestock and slaughtering them in order to sell them to the local consumers, and she excels in preparing pastries, such as: Safeha and Arayes, in addition to fresh meat. She also managed to employ some of the region residents in the butchery to help them increase their income and give them new skills and experience. Now, she is one of the first women to own and manage a butchery in the region.

Abber explains what happened as a result of her training period saying: The training I got through the Madad project helped me with making a decision of changing the course of my life, so I applied for a loan from the Women's Fund and started asking myself: what is the project of which I could guarantee outstanding success in the region? And through my rounds, I noticed that there was no butchery in any region near the market and the main roads, so I made up my decision and applied for the loan from the Womens Fund which enabled me to rent one of the warehouses that were under finishing in the region and I completed its finishing proportionately to the butchery decoration of ceramics and others. In addition, I started my pioneering project as the first woman to work as a butcher in the region.

The Business Development Center BDC had a great merit in overcoming the hardships, which Abeer faced at the beginning of her career, according to her. Those hardships were represented in the refusal of the local community to witness a woman working as a butcher in (a butchery) as they used to see only men cutting and selling meat not women, but by the partnership that the BDC established through the local associations and courses presented by the Center to educate women, the society has become more accepting to womens work in new fields.

Abeer spoke enthusiastically about her vision to the future saying: I aspire to open a distinguished productive kitchen affiliated to the butchery in the future and another branch in one of the regions of West Amman. I also advise every woman not to stop facing obstacles, develop herself and her abilities continuously and seek for her dreams without stopping.

Within the project "Enhancing access to protection, participation and services for refugee women and host communities in Jordan".

This project is financed by the European Union through the European Union Regional Trust Fund for Responding to the Syrian Crisis, the "Madad Fund", and by implementing the coalition led by the Euro-Mediterranean Feminist Initiative EFI.