BDC Partnership with Zarqa Chamber of Industry for professional development and employment in the industrial sector funded by AFD

As a part of Tanmyah Project a partnership with Zarqa Chamber of Industry and the Business Development Center "BDC" signed a cooperation agreement to implement "Tanmyah project" for professional development and employment in the industrial sector funded by the French Development Agency (AFD), which aims to bridge the skills gap in Jordan.

An agreement was signed In the presence of Chairman of the Zarqa Chamber of Industry, Eng. Fares Hamoudeh, and CEO of the Business Development Center (BDC) Nayef stetieh , in the presence of the members of the Chamber’s Board of Directors, representatives of the French Development Agency and a number of representatives of industrial companies

Eng .Feras Hammoudeh Stated that the Jordanian labor market suffers from multiple unemployment and the percentage of workers by gender and levels of employment, in addition to labor migration from the governorates to Amman, where the industrial sector is one of the main sectors at the governorate in the field of employment and training through Tanmyah project (25%) Jordanians got employed.

 He focused on the importance of aligning the outcomes of education and technical training based on the demand driven in the labor market through the available job opportunities in the private sector and reduces idea of working in the government sectors, especially providing jobs for Jordanian youth from various academic backgrounds.

Also, He focused on the importance of resettling Jordanian labor at Jordanian factories, focus on the development and automation of production processes, and encouraging foreign and Arab investments towards industries in sectors with added value, indicating that, despite a number of industrial sectors affected by the COVID-19 other sectors have raised and formed as new job opportunities.

CEO of the Business Development Center Nayef stetieh  stated that Tanmyah Project aims to bridge youth skills gap  in Jordan and the lack of conformity of employment in the manufacturing sector with the  market, as well  building up of the vocational labor market and of human resources.


Also, Tanmyah project seeks to conduct behavioral training in vocational training for 2000 young men and women from Jordanians and Syrian refugees and to provide 80 trainers of vocational training leaders trained to provide psychological support and career guidance to the target group.


stetieh added Tanmyah project emphasized a true partnership with the French Development Agency, and provide an opportunity in the industrial sector in particular and for the government in general, in order to raise the competitive capabilities of industrial companies along with enhancement and export the products.

Tanmyah project is implemented by the Business Development Center (BDC)  and funded by the French Agency for Development (AFD) and aims to improve the living conditions of Jordanians and Syrian refugees in host communities, and facilitate access to employment opportunities through training Jordanian youth and Syrian refugees, and match making at least 75% Among them, with job opportunities in the industrial sector from the various governorates of the government, in addition to improving self-employment opportunities and building the capabilities of employees in the sector to create innovative job opportunities