"TANMYEH" project funded by the AFD An entrance for youth to access vocational training and job opportunities in the industrial sector

Back in 2019 Business Development Center BDC launched TANMYEH project as part of the Sawa regional initiative and funded by the AFD, within its objectives in providing support opportunities for youth and bridge the gap between requirements of the labor market and youth efficiency. The project aims to train and support 2000 young males and females Jordanians and Syrian refugees, to secure access for actual employment opportunities in industrial companies within the governorates of Amman, Irbid, Zarqa, Jerash and Ajloun.

The project enhances the employability of youth in Jordan by providing vocational training and appropriate skills to enter the labor market, strengthen the educational practices of vocational education institutions and private academies in line with the requirements of the industrial sector, in terms of studying the actual needs of the factories, to understand what barrier stands agents youth employment and choose the competencies they need to ensure business continuity and permanence. Therefore, “Tanmyeh” was designed to accommodate those needs and even give practical training inside factories as a real-world exercise that ends with employment, consequently increasing employment opportunities and reducing job turnover rate.

Staitieh, The CEO of the Business Development Center, said: “The Tanmyeh project seeks to bridge the skills gap in Jordan and the inconsistency of employment in the manufacturing sector with the actual needs of the labor market, strengthening the professional labor market and developing human resources. He pointed out that the project seeks to conduct behavioral training in vocational education and training for 2000 Jordanian young men and women, 50% of them are female, Securing 80 coach of trained professional operating leaders dedicated to providing psychological support and professional guidance for Jordanians and Syrian refugees, knowing that innovation and job creation enhances competitiveness, performance, and productivity in the sector with the support of French experts in order to improve the industrial environment and raise efficiency and competitiveness.

"This project will have a clear impact on the labor market in finding a group of employable youth, which has the required capabilities in the field of manufacturing, developing and raising the efficiency of the industrial sector in Jordan through the use of French expertise, which will increase employment opportunities for all, enhance social cohesion in five host communities opportunities in addition to promoting and creating jobs and revenue generation in order to support the Jordanian economy in general.

The project will also have positive effects on Syrian refugees, as they will benefit by, improving their technical skills, follow-up on them during and after training till obtaining jobs, increase their income and enhance self-confidence in ways better integrate in host communities.

Given what the country is currently experiencing, especially with the pandemic of Covid-19, despite its negative effects, the most important positive effects were the importance of the industrial sector and the power that has appeared in the local industrial development, which strengthened the importance of this sector, the subsequent industrial sectors and focus on trends today to promote the sectors and support for the adoption of the local production and access to non-traditional markets, Which requires increased production with bigger reliance on human resources, the presence of a qualified youth-oriented will contribute to the success of the existing strategic plans and highlighting Jordanian products locally, regionally and internationally.

During Covid-19 pandemic, the Business Development Center team worked through TANMYEH project funded by the French Development Agency AFD to follow up with the industrial sector to determine the needs and what BDC can provide, to assist the sectors in particular to secure employment and preserve  employees, especially the beneficiaries of the TANMYEH program to ensure they continue to work, BDC implemented many training programs remotely such as TOT and training for beneficiaries, afterwards they organized job days remotely as well to linkage beneficiaries with potential job opportunities, received training programs and interviews effected  positively on the participants and business owners, which reflected the seriousness of the program and the interest of those in charge to precede with work, despite the exceptional circumstances the country is going through.

During the past year and until today, the program has succeeded in training more than 250 young men and women, 35% of them are females, in addition to connecting with more than 25 factories and providing more than 580 job opportunities. The program also maintained during Covid-19 period 180 jobs for beneficiaries through close follow-up with Sectors to ensure that new employees do not lose their jobs.