UNCTAD Deputy Secretary-General Isabelle Durant received at a Welcoming Reception with the BDC

The Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Ms. Isabelle Durant, was hosted at the Business Development Center- BDC at a Welcoming Reception attended by some of Jordans key international donors and supporters including the EU and the UN. The visit to the BDC was part of a broader mission to Jordan for the UNCTAD Deputy Secretary-General. Empretec Program equips entrepreneurs with the personal entrepreneurial behavioural competencies to succeed in starting and sustaining a competitive business through entrepreneurship training, experiments and exercises.

Ms. Isabelle visited one of BDCs entrepreneur graduates and her enterprise. Lema Shashaas International Robotics Academy (IRA) was a place of business for Ms. Isabelle to exchange with the entrepreneur and business owner about her experience starting her own business and some of the challenges on the ground. Lema Shashaa is one of over 1,600 entrepreneur graduates of the UNCTAD Empretec Program, delivered by the BDC as Empretec National Center, and one of over 50 top Empretec Entrepreneurs to attend the Welcoming Reception and discuss the enabling business environment in Jordan for low-tech and high-tech micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

Ms. Isabelle was introduced to guests of the Welcoming Reception by Mr. Nayef Stetieh, President and CEO of the BDC, who spoke about the importance of celebrating the achievements of Jordan and in particular Jordans next generation of job creators contributing to the development of local communities and the country as a whole. BDC has done projects in the poverty areas and in the camps working together in win-win situations is the only way to create prosperity and grow. Entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity are fundamental to creating sustainable growth. During our years of partnership with UNCTAD advancing entrepreneurship, it became clear to us that strengthening the behaviours of an entrepreneur is what is required to have a successful entrepreneur.

During the Welcoming Reception a handful of IRAs students, aged 11-15 years, presented and demonstrated some of their inventions. Ms Isabelle praised the group of young students dedication and creativity: you are a showcase of what we can do and that is the final goal: to help the country, to help yourself and to help society. Some Embassy and UN representatives also attended the reception and met with Ms. Isabelle and the entrepreneurs, and joined the exhibition of some of Empretecs entrepreneur products and services, featuring at the reception.

UNCTADs Entrepreneurship Capacity Building Program aims at identifying and expanding participants' potential to initiate and improve entrepreneurship in Jordan. It is an opportunity for individuals to become more familiar with the behavioural competencies of successful entrepreneurs, to look for, recognize and 'code' those behaviours in themselves and in others through practice and reinforcement, finally to apply these behaviours in their businesses.

In brief, the breadth of BDC's work extends 14 years, as we develop and deliver programmes advancing vocational growth and improving the lives of youth and women in Jordan and the region. BDC is working with hands-on technical vocational training and education, local economic development (LED), entrepreneurship, MSEs support and innovation, and youth employability programmes as well as promoting public private partnership.