Business Development Center-BDC is featuring as a national representative of Jordan in a series of Global Conferences

Jordans role in global dialogue is becoming increasingly prominent and the Business Development Center-BDC is featuring as a national representative of Jordan in a series of Global Conferences about the changing landscape taking place in Jordan and the MENA Region. By participating in public private dialogue, the BDC shares its experience in fostering economic development in Jordan and the Middle East and through the various conferences introduced pioneering employment and entrepreneurship as best practices for young people of the Middle East and North Africa region.

The UfM Conference MedaWeek Barcelona 2017, spoke about strength in diversity and women entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean, addressing new economic trends and solutions for building the regions vast human capital and young talent. More specifically guest speakers, including President and CEO of the BDC, Mr. Nayef Stetieh, built their discussions around the importance of women entrepreneurship, improving cross-border cooperation and action to enhance competitiveness while exploiting the available regional diversity. Other important regional shifts discussed included Islamic finance, solar energy, water technology and industry, city economic development, and circular economy.

The Youth Employment Stream of the Evidence Symposium on Adolescents and Youth in MENA was a Youth Conference hosted by UNICEF where the BDC featured presenting its SANAD and Women Vocational Entrepreneurship Programmes. T The conference brought together young people, policy makers, researchers, practitioners and donors to provide key evidence of the challenge of youth employment and the effectiveness of active labor market policies in the region, with a particular focus on young rural women and men in Jordan and the region. The BDC engaged two of its youth beneficiaries with public and private sector actors to provide their feedback on the importance of training, skills development and entrepreneurship for youth aspiring to be successful business owners.

The Euro-Med Women's Rights Civil Society Conference was held in Cairo with the purpose of providing concrete policy recommendations to the 4th UfM Ministerial Meeting and set the stage for consolidating gender equality advances in the whole Euro-Med region. Supported by the Euromed Feminist Initiative, the Conference hosted civil society actors from across the MENA Region and Europe. BDC was a speaker at the Session Economic participation, discussing the economic needs of the most vulnerable action beyond policies making and presented BDC findings on the issue.

"The Role of Women in Sustainable Development Goals" Conference, was attended by experts from higher education institutions, entrepreneurs and innovation institutions from around the world to share the best international practices in the Sultanate of Oman. The forum was opened by Sheikh Saad bin Mohammed Al-Mardov Al-Saadi, Minister of Sports Affairs. The meeting was chaired by a number of participants in the Kingdom and was attended by Dr. Adham Al-Said from the Sultanate of Oman. Focused on the importance of engaging youth, the most important international ideas and practices in the world of entrepreneurship and how they relate to the needs of the Omani market in order to motivate young people to present ideas and methods that compete with many of the world's leading projects.

The Leadership Money and Access Innovative Ideas for the development of leading global institutions programs. In Turkey, the Istanbul Forum focused on discussing challenges and initiatives on four key sustainable development goals and their linkages to gender equality. On this occasion, Nayef Stetieh emphasized the role of "business development" and ongoing efforts that include Jordanian and Syrian refugees who have proven effective in promoting sustainable development and social cohesion in host societies, as well as overcoming gender stereotypes with the participation of women in the labour market.

The Business Development Center (BDC) is a non-profit organization committed to fostering economic development and public reform in Jordan and the Middle East. BDC develops and implements several developmental programs that aim at creating job opportunities for Jordanians, promoting entrepreneurship amongst youth and increasing small and medium enterprises competitiveness. In addition to this, BDC manages several economic development projects for a number of government agencies and donors.