Israa’ Mustafa

 Israa’ Mustafa is a Jordan University graduate with Applied English as a major, she heard about Maharat from her friends and she was immediately encouraged to join Maharat because she heard so much about it from her friends’ great experiences.

When asked about her experience in Maharat, Israa’ said “I didn’t have any practical experience, all I had was theoretical experience that I gained from university. Maharat gave us plenty of lectures and mentored us step by step to get into the field we all wanted to be in. They introduced us to people that we still live by their words and still inspiring us till this day.” She also added that she didn’t expect much of this course since it was free of charge; she was surprised of how much of a fruitful experience it was for her and her colleagues. She is grateful for this journey and doesn’t regret any decision she made. We asked Israa’ how Maharat influenced her personality and what it added to it, she said “I formed a stronger personality, as well as I learned how to work on myself and how to be more professional in everything I do and say. I now know how to manage my time and how to deal with people differently. It outstandingly helped me bring out a lot of skills that were hidden inside me that needed that tiny push and thankfully Maharat was the push I needed and the push many students need these days.”

She learned many life concepts in her journey, she said that nothing comes easy in life, we have to work really hard to achieve our goals, life will knock us down so many times and we would want to give up and stop trying. We shouldn’t give up, failure is the road to success and we should get back on our feet and try again and again until we attain what we first wanted.
Israa’ is now a Translator and an office manager at Media-Tech, she is really happy at her position and is grateful for her experience in Maharat, she is now more of a positive person and she strives to seize every good opportunity that comes her way and recommends every fresh graduate to join Maharat because it’s an experience no one would regret.