Bassam Yassin

 Bassam Yassin is a business administration graduate from the University of Jordan, he took Marketing and Sales course with Maharat in 2009 and since then a lot has changed for him, when asked about his experience he said without hesitation “I took all the skills that were needed to work efficiently and I gained the courage and confidence to start strongly and aim for what I wanted to get to.” He is grateful for the experience he gained that was absolutely related to his work field. It was because of the communication skills he attained from his trainers and colleagues; he knew the right way to deal with all types of customers and employees since his work field has a lot to do with dealing with locals he learned the right way to deal with them. He praised all the trainers especially Mr. Suheil Jouaneh, for he has enlightened many paths for him and led him to the right way of success, he said all trainers knew exactly what was needed to succeed in the outside world; how to courageously put yourself out there and become what you have always wanted to be.

He also implied that every fresh graduate should take any course they feel they can benefit from, because without a doubt Maharat brings out so much in you that you did not know was there, it changes a lot about your personality and improves all your skills. You can feel more professional and it prepares you emotionally and mentally for the work field.

When asked about what Maharat have taught you on a professional level he said “The course I took was of crucial importance, my team and I all worked together to finish and complete the project we had at the end, and learned how to cope with all situations and how to deal with any problem that comes across us, and how to be good and fast decision makers, I am grateful for my leaders for they have taught me so much; they were my leaders and I am now a leader and this has been an amazing experience that I am forever grateful.”.
Bassam is now a Tourism Manager at Wild Jordan, he is very happy in his current job and we wish him a lifetime of success and accomplishments.