The USAID-Funded Business and Export Development Project for Jordanian Enterprisesthe Fast Track to New Markets

Empowered by a knowledgeable background and motivated by an ambition to excel and achieve outstanding results, Khaled Masri turned what once started as a project managed at the basement of his house into a multi-thousand dollar company that is one of a kind in Jordan.

Khaled is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Sutcon Sutures, a pioneering company specialized in manufacturing biomedical and biotechnology products dealing with wound care and injury manage-ment.
Sutcon is primarily engaged in manufacturing and marketing a comprehensive range of sterilized absorbable andnon-absorbable surgical sutures.
The company and its products are unique to the region.
In 2006, the USAID-funded Tatweer Project started its business development interventions in Sutcon with the main objective of increasing the SMEs competitiveness and regional and international exports as well as enabling it to penetrate new markets.

Through the USAID-funded Tatweer Project, Sutcon was able to participate in several prestigious international trade shows such as the Arab Health exhibition 2008 and the West African Health Expo 2008.
In addition to the international exposure that the shows provided, Sutcon, the only Jordanian manufacturer of surgical sutures in the market, was able to establish direct contacts with major players in the biomedical and biotechnology markets.
Furthermore, Sutcon was able to sign agency contracts with a number of companies in several countries, amoung them Nigeria, India and Zambia, hence opening new markets for the SME.

With the assistance of the USAID-Funded Tatweer Project, Sutcon was also able to develop and create new features for its sutures.
These innovations are expected to increase the products uniqueness in the market. Under Tatweers Linking SMEs with Academia program, Sutcon was able to utilize Jordan Universitys advanced labs and equipment as well as its professors knowledge and expertise, resources that would have otherwise been inaccessible to Sutcon, to develop its products.

The growth Sutcon has witnessed in the past year and the revenue it has generated from these opportunities have created an additional 15 job opportunities.

Sutcons employment has increased by 40%. Although it orginally started with only 10 employees, it now has 25 employees, 44% of which are Jordanian females.
Furthermore, Sutcon employees received a 25 % salary increase in addition to health insurance.

The Business and Export Development Project for Jordanian Enterprises-Tatweer reflects what development for SMEs and manufacturers means in real life.
The wide range of business and export development services the Tatweer project offers truly addressed my needs as a growing SME.
The services I received were crucial to my success and sustainability Khalid explains.

SSutcon is currently working on getting the CE Mark and ISO 13485 with Tatweers assistance.
These two certifications are crucial for penetrating the European markets and will enable them to accommodate the demand they are currently receiving from coutries such as Italy and Spain. In the future Tatweer will also be developing marketing material and a website for Sutcons.