Tatweer Project Maximizes the Efficiency of a Jordanian Tiles Company

Jordanian Cypriot Construction Industries Co. (JCCIC) is a local company aiming to furnish the local, regional and international markets with High Quality Terrazzo Tiles.

The company succeeded recently to organize their product mix into three main categories under the commercial name EuroTiles: EuroTiles- Granitti, EuroTiles- Terrazzo Classico and EuroTiles- Landscaping. The high quality is considered to be the company's core competency.

Recently JCCIC has introduced a new production line, the single layer "thin" tiles with resistance and strength that match natural marble and granite in look and physical characteristics in different colors and sizes.

Proudly, JCCIC is considered to be a sole manufacturer for this line of tile in Jordan.

In 2006, USAID-funded Tatweer Projects representatives conducted a diagnostic visit to the company in order to highlight the areas of potential assistance to be provided by the Project.

It was evident from the visit that the company enjoys a high level of production capacity; however it suffers limited markets as well as the fluctuations of the local market.

Furthermore, while the company was witnessing high levels of expansion in employment and operations it was lacking a proper integration between its departments and throughout the production phases.

To respond to these issues, USAID-funded Tatweer Project approached these issues in two main directions: the first one was to provide higher levels of exposure and helping the company penetrate new markets.

The second one was to develop a solution that integrates the companys resources and departments together as well as ameliorating work throughout production phases.

By assisting JCCIC to participate in well recognized international exhibitions such as the Big 5 in Dubai and Rebuild Iraq in Jordan, USAID-funded Tatweer Project provided JCCIC with the opportunity to introduce its products to new markets and meet with potential buyers as well as establishing a platform for effective networking.

Upon its participation in Big 5, JCCIC was able to initiate contacts with potential buyers from Qatar who became regular buyers. Furthermore, during the Rebuild Iraq Exhibition, JCCICs distinguished products caught the attention of an Iraqi delegation from the Ministry of Public Works of Iraq whom expressed interest to contract JCCIC in some of their projects.

In parallel to assisting JCCIC in penetrating new markets, USAID-funded Tatweer Project also assisted JCCIC to build its operational infrastructure through developing a customized Enterprise Resources Planning Solutions.

The system is a comprehensive operational management solution consisting of a group of integrated systems that nets in-between to form a complete and integrated solution that analyzes and documents the companys behavior regarding sales, production, procurement, finance & accounting, personnel and operations.

`Mr. Maher Al-Tammam, the Business Development Manager at JCCIC said that The services we received from the USAID-Funded Tatweer Project have reflected positively on our daily life and the way we do our work.

All our sales and marketing employees are now capable of generating reports, invoices and contracts more efficiently and effectively which saves all of us much time and allows us to better utilize our time and resources. It has made our lives much easier.

Moreover, developing this system created a job opportunity for an Engineer at our company we didnt have before.

Our employees are gaining substantial experience using this system and are considered more qualified than their peers in other companies which do not have such systemhence it can be said that this is another added value of this service we received from USAID-funded Tatweer Project

Furthermore, Mr. Nazzal Al-Armouti, General Manager of JCCIC said that Through the grant and support we received from USAID-Funded Tatweer Project for implementing ERP solution, we became capable to integrate business processes across departments onto a single enterprise-wide information system.

It also helped improving coordination across functional departments and increased efficiencies of doing business, reduced operating costs, such as lower inventory control cost, lower production costs, lower marketing costs and lower help desk support costs.

Moreover, the ERP solutions nurture the establishment of backbone data warehouses.

 It offers better accessibility to data so that management can have up-to-the-minute access to information for decision making and managerial control.

The solutions granted by USAID-funded Tatweer project helps track actual costs of activities and perform activity based costing. The Data provided by the ERP solution is a great intervention by Tatweer which supports our strategic planning, knowing what are the assess needs and resources.

We do thank Tatweer for this inventive thinking of providing our company with this ERP solution and appreciate their continuous and generous support.

Mr. Al Tamam is very proud of the quality of JCCICs products which sustains the company and allows it to compete successfully in new markets

The USAID-funded Tatweer Project helped JCCIC to have more exposure and put its name out there which fostered many business relationships and enabled the company to close several deals.