Tatweer Project Enables a Jordanian SME in Exporting to Several New Markets

DiaMond Jordan was established in 1988 to manufacture medical diagnostic reagents for laboratory use.

 The company operates according to standard production and quality control procedures, and is recognized for its achievements in product performance and reliability. Because todayís lab needs are demanding and far reaching., DiaMond Jordan offers a complete array of reliable chemical reagents for a broad range of testing needs. Each bears the DiaMond Jordan hallmark of clinical performance and reliability with competitive pricing: Biochemical, Hematology , Serology , Stains, Toxoplasma and more.

In order to fulfill its export potential, DiaMond needed to obtain the ISO 13485 Certification which is often seen as the first step in achieving compliance with European regulatory requirements and getting the authorization for the CE-identification and the permission to sell the high quality medical device in the European Union. ISO 13485 is also important when considering the Gulf markets. ďIf it wasnít for the help and assistance of USAID-Funded Tatweer Project, we wouldnít have been able to penetrate new markets in the Gulf and Europe in the future due to lacking the required certification.

With USAID-funded Tatweer Projectís support we were able to obtain ISO 13485 and actually start some projects in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait. We already sent the samples and we are in the final stages of finalizing the received ordersĒ noted Mr. Saleh Mousa, Founder and General Manager of DiaMond Jordan. As part of its efforts to increase the competitiveness and exports of Jordanian companies, USAID-Funded Tatweer Project also supported DiaMond Jordan to participate in one of the leading and most specialized International Medical Products, Laboratory & Hospital Equipments Exhibition- MEDIST 2007 in Turkey. ďOur participation in MEDIST 2007 gave us a wide range of exposure and linked us with many potential buyers whom we are still in touch with regarding several deals and projects.

 We are really grateful to USAID-Funded Tatweer Project for giving us the opportunity to put DiaMond Jordanís name out thereĒ, added Mr. Mousa. Also, DiaMond Jordan recently joint USAID-Funded Tatweer Projectís ďExport Fast Track Action Program-EFTAPĒ which is designed to help beneficial companies to penetrate the US market successfully through a three-phase process. Phase One involves market research packages for the individual companies in their respective marketing areas that include medical reagent kits, food products, footwear and cosmetics.

 Phase Two includes a series of one-on-one meetings and strategy sessions with individual company officials in USAID-Funded Tatweer Projectís offices in Amman, Jordan. It also includes creation of marketing communications materials (advertisements, sales literature, and press releases), and U.S. trade show attendance on behalf of participating companies.

A trade mission of appropriate U.S. companies and potential trade partners will be assembled to meet with the Jordanian companies in Amman to facilitate opportunities for both U.S. and Jordanian interests.

Phase Three provides ongoing sales management and support in the U.S. on behalf of the Jordanian companies participating in the program. By increasing DiaMond Jordanís competitiveness and export promotion, USAID-Funded Tatweer Project not only helps this Jordanian company to launch new products and access new markets, but also to preserve its self-sustainability as an SME and increase the number of jobs it offers to the Jordanian labor market.

ďThe Export related services provided to Diamond Jordan are part of USAID-Funded Tatweer Projectís efforts to enhance the competitiveness and to increase the exports of Jordanian SMEs through applying a continuous development process.

 We highly rely on SMEsí commitment to the development process, which always results in more fruitful outcomes of the joint efforts. And Diamond Jordan is just a proof amongst many othersĒ. Commented Mathhar Al-Far, the Project Manager responsible for the Medical Supplies Sector.