In pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors, both individuals and communities, can seek to achieve a more prosperous and sustainable future through self-realization and self-sufficiency. In order to arrive economic growth on large scales, entrepreneurs need to have a fertile business environment, adequate access to finance, sustainable support structures , proper guidance and reliable platforms of information, business development services and capacity building programs. In support of entrepreneurship, BDC has created and/or manages various initiatives.


Entrepreneurial Capacity Building Program: In collaboration with the internationally renowned UNCTAD, BDC conducts training workshops for a select group of entrepreneurs in order to develop their behavioral competencies by providing a self-learning environment that compels them to excel.

Maharat Entrepreneurship

Recent Jordanian university graduates are offered the opportunity to participate in BDCís Maharat Entrepreneurship program and enhance their potential to initiate or improve small businesses or other entrepreneurial activities. Youth are familiarized with the behavioral competencies of successful entrepreneurs and are encouraged, through practice and reinforcement, to strengthen and apply their new-found behaviors in their own businesses.


Developed by the International Labor Organization and managed by BDC, the initiative aims to introduce entrepreneurship at all educational levels. BDC in cooperation with the Ministry of Education will introduce Know About Business in 20 pilot schools with the intention to develop entrepreneurial skills among youth and fill the important pre-start gap by preparing students and trainees to establish their own businesses at some point in the future and to work productively in SMEs.


Matchmaking for Development: In cooperation with the Dutch BidNetwork, BDC assists entrepreneurs by providing them with the professional support, assistance and mentoring needed to develop effective business plans and access the worldwide equity market consisting of experienced Angel Investors and SME funds.