Extensive research by the UNDP has proven that the success of any organization or company is based on the main behavioral skills & competencies of a team. Which is why BDC proposed a training workshop that tackles these essential behaviors and skills with the aim of embedding them in a team. It drives participants to utilize their competencies in an interactive way with one shared vision embedding a unified entrepreneurial spirit that will increase loyalty, improve work and reduce communication gaps which consequently will reflect on the performance of the company/corporate as a whole resulting in cost reduction and other valuable spill-over effects.
Each person has their own skills and abilities that are utilized in one’s own environment and facing shortcomings and gaps is sometimes inevitable in any organization. The solution is to work on these gaps through internal strengthening and training. This intrapreneurial training workshop will guide participants towards sharing one corporate vision where each individual will work on the same path towards success regardless of their technical and/or financial fields.